High-end cocktail and karaoke bar designed by GTC puts a contemporary spin on 1920s industrialism.

Hospitality Design | by Will Speros
September 26, 2022
Design Images by GTC Design

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Upscale cocktail and karaoke bar Gaslamplighter is set to debut in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter in early 2023. Local firm GTC Design will craft the 1,600-square-foot destination—which is the sister concept to local nightlife staples the Lamplighter and Side Bar—to evoke a vintage 1920s industrial flair through a contemporary lens. “We wanted guests to still feel comfortable at any time of the day,” says GTC president Nuwan Ranasinghe, “but stepping into a refined image of the past where the historic Lamplighter meets an extension of the glitzy downtown area nightlife.”

Reminiscent of an extravagant speakeasy, Gaslamplighter will invite guests into a moody atmosphere accented by shades of green and navy as well as gleaming notes of gold and rose-hued metal for a dash of Art Deco. Reflective electroplated gold stainless steel paneling will highlight an elevated palette of vintage materials, including emerald fabrics, warm brown leather, patterned tiles, and vintage patterned wood floors. Wood paneling throughout will create a cohesive visual narrative.

“We aimed to bring a variety of different textures and patterns into this space, keeping the eye scanning,” Ranasinghe adds. Theatrical lighting will heighten the drama at the stage area, where a series of LED-lit arches add a sense of grandeur. Decorative light fixtures will even be fashioned to resemble original gaslamps, complemented by vertical mirrors that add depth to the space.

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